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The Cat Association NT Constitution document serves as the fundamental governing framework for the Cat Association Northern Territory (Cat Association NT). This comprehensive document outlines the organisation's mission, objectives, membership requirements, leadership structure, voting procedures, and rules and regulations that guide its operations. It provides a clear and transparent set of guidelines that ensure the responsible management of the association, the promotion of cat welfare, and the engagement of its members in the Northern Territory's feline community.


Rules and Regulations

The Rules and Regulations document for the Cat Association NT is a comprehensive set of guidelines and policies that govern the activities and conduct of members, volunteers, and participants within the organization. This document outlines specific rules and procedures related to cat ownership, participation in cat-related events and shows, membership responsibilities, ethical standards for cat breeding and care, as well as guidelines for the humane treatment and welfare of cats in the Northern Territory. These rules and regulations are designed to ensure the well-being of cats, maintain the integrity of cat-related activities, and promote responsible ownership within the Cat Association NT community.


Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics for the Cat Association of the Northern Territory (Cat Association NT) is a set of guiding principles and moral standards that members, breeders, and participants are expected to uphold in their interactions and activities related to cats. This document outlines a commitment to responsible cat ownership, breeding practices, and cat welfare. It often includes guidelines on humane treatment, responsible breeding, proper care, and ethical behavior towards cats and other members of the association. The Code of Ethics serves as a foundation for promoting the well-being of cats and maintaining the integrity of the organization's mission within the Northern Territory's feline community.

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