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Download and complete the applicable form.

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Post to PO Box 40437, Casuarina NT 0811.



Refer to the orange form below

Direct Transfer

The Cat Association of the North Territory

ANZ BSB 015-896

Acc 4980-13318

01  Application for Membership

For new and renewal memberships.

02 Prefix Certificate

Used to apply for a breeding cattery name (prefix) and be registered as a breeder. All kittens produced must have this prefix as the first part of the cats full name.

03 Litter Registration 

For CANT breeders to first register a new litter. The form lists all kittens in the litter, sex and colour, (names are optional). The form must either have the stud certificate signed at the bottom of the page by the stud owner certifying the mating took part on a particular date. In the case of interstate matings the stud owner may provide a certificate, and this can be attached in lieu of the form being signed. If the stud is not registered with CANT a copy of his pedigree/registration must also accompany the form.

04 Registration of Ownership

Used by CANT breeders to individually name and register kittens, already litter registered, to themselves or new owners. The breeder must sign the initial registration. This form is also used to transfer kittens and cats that are registered interstate to the NT register. It must be accompanied by copy of the interstate pedigree and registration showing the new owner as

the registered owner. The registered owner shown on the interstate registration must sign the


06 Change of Status

Used to apply for recognition of a pedigree cat as a NT Champion (entire cats) or NT Premier Neuter (desexed cats) or higher status. Based on winning a number of open class Challenges or Award of Merits.

07 Change of Status for Companion cats

For companion cats to apply for recognition as various levels of achievement. Based on winning a number of open class Companion Merit Certificates.

08 ACF National Status

For pedigrees to claim recognition as an Australian Cat Federation National Champion or Premier Neuter or above. Requires 3 certificates to be won at ACF National shows.

09 ACF Award of Excellence

For pedigree cats to receive an Australian Cat Federation Award of Excellence. Based on

10 AoE certificates having been won.

10 ACF Distinguished Merit Award

For recognition of an Australian Cat Federation Distinguished Merit Award for producing a

certain number of top rated offspring .

16 Proxy Voting 

For members to submit a proxy vote at the AGM when they cannot attend.

18 Register an Existing Interstate Prefix

For transfer of existing cattery prefixes registered interstate to be included on the NT prefix register.

19 ACF Companion Award of Honour

For companion cats to receive an Australian Cat Federation Award of Honour.


Breeders Prefix Application                                                                            $15.00

Litter Registration – per application                                                             $8.50

Kitten Registration | NT Bred                                                                          $8.50

Kitten Transfer | from Interstate                                                                    $15.00

Certified /Export Pedigree                                                                              $25.00

Change of Status | ACF Status                                                                      $25.00

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Direct Transfer 

The Cat Association of the North Territory

ANZ BSB 015-896

Acc 4980-13318

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