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Show Rules

1. All entry fees must accompany entries. Entry is through the website except for the Royal

Darwin Show where they are to be lodged with the show society.

2. All entries, whether exhibited or not must be paid for.

3. All cats and kittens must be vaccinated as per current veterinary protocols. All kittens (including domestic, part

pedigree) under 6 months must produce a current record of two vaccination for feline enteritis and cat flu, to

the Show Manager for the kittens to be admitted to the Show Hall.

4. No kitten under 84 days may be shown. Age is as calculated on the first day of the Show.

5. Any female cat obviously in kitten must not be shown. No cat obviously nursing a litter may be exhibited

without her litter. No vasectomised cat may be exhibited. No female cat desexed by tubal ligation may be


6. All pedigree exhibits to have their full pedigree names and NT registration numbers shown on the entry form.

Exhibits are allowed to be exhibited at three (3) Shows with interstate registration pending.

7. Each exhibit entered will be caged separately. The only exception is where litters are entered then all progeny

will be caged together.

8. Pedigree litters exhibited as such must be litter registered. If entered in individual events, they must be

individually registered. Prefix must also have recognised registration.

9. The number of kittens in each litter must be stated on the entry form. The Show Manager must be notified prior

to the Show if any kitten included in such number has died before the Show date. This notification to be

accompanied by a veterinary certificate stating the cause of death.

10. Curtains: All exhibits benched must have curtains and a base towel or blanket in their cage. Coloured curtains

are available for hire.

Cages are:


  1. Single: 45cmW x 45cmD x 45cmH

  2. Double: 70cmW x 45cmD x 60cmH

  3. Large breed: 90cmW x 45cmD x 60cmH (Maine Coon)

A fee is applied for curtains and base hired from CANT (Inc.) and for decorated cage class.

11. There is a charge for cage hire which is included in the entry fee. Double cages will be provided to most adult

cats, space permitting. Where restrictions are applied those breeds and individual cats identified as “large” will

be catered for first. Double cages are supplied for dam and litter. No charge is made to those who have

sponsored cages or a dam with litter.

12. Where entered in the decorated cage class, cages are to be decorated before judging commences.

13. Food containers and sanitary trays must be provided by the exhibitor. No foodstuff to be left in cages or given

prior to judging. Water in a plain container is supplied by CANT (Inc.).

14. Kitten Class wins are by kittens less than 9 months (270 days). Kittens and cats do not generally compete except

for Supreme Exhibit and Best of Breed.

15. All adult cats (whether entire or desexed) must be entered in their respective OPEN CLASS.

16. Exhibitors entering cats or kittens in classes for which they are not eligible, owing to age may forfeit the right to

that award, prize or trophy.

17. No dyes or colouring matter is allowed on exhibits. Powders or sprays are NOT to be used in the Show Hall.

18. Cats under the influence of drugs, tranquilizers etc., will be disqualified.

19. Notice of Sale of exhibits may be displayed after judging has been completed and with the permission of the Show


20. No ribbons, prize cards etc., other than those won at this Show are to be displayed.

21. No exhibits may be removed from the Show Hall before presentation of trophies, without the permission of the

Show Manager.

22. No responsibility shall be accepted for the loss, detention or damage to or through, or by any cat and/or other

property arising from any act or omission, of the body promoting the exhibition or its officers, agents servants or


23. If, during the course of the Show, any exhibit should be found to be ailing or distressed through any cause, the

Show Manager may at their discretion, request that the exhibit be removed from the hall. Until such time as the

owner can remove the exhibit from the hall it may be placed in its pet box away from other exhibits.

24. The Judge’s decision is final.


Updated December 2023




KITTEN Exhibit over 84 days and under 9 months of age on the first day of Show.

DESEXED KITTEN Desexed kitten under 9 months on first day of Show.

CAT Entire male or female over 9 months of age on first day of show.

SPEY Desexed female cat over 9 months on first day of Show.

NEUTER Desexed male cat over 9 months on first day of Show.

OPEN Open to all exhibits 9 months and over irrespective of any status that the exhibit may have. COMPULSORY CLASS.


HYBRID Offspring of two different recognised breeds coming from an approved experimental

breeding program. Exhibits over the age of 6 months must be desexed if not being used

in the breeding program.



DOMESTIC CAT Cats or kittens commonly known in the community as domestic pets (Moggie) male or

female, kittens may be entire but all adult cats must be desexed, any colour or type. (Cats

looking like a pedigree cat complete in next section).


PART PEDIGREE Exhibits with one known pedigree parent; male or female, kittens may be entire but all adult cats must be desexed, any colour or type.

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