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The Cat Association of the Northern Territory (CANT) was formed to fulfil a niche! in 1968. Darwin was a Service and Government town, the majority of the population were doing a two year tour of duty in the tropics. Rene and Jim Pearce were transferred to RAAF Base, Darwin from Western Australia at the same time as Glenys Lombardo's husband came to Darwin with the Kailis fishing fleet, to captain a prawn trawler. Rene, Jim and Glenys had been active in the cat fancy in Western Australia. Rene had trained as a judge and they wanted to continue their interest. Already in Darwin, Anne Schoer's husband was with the public service and Anne, who bred Siamese, had to register her kittens with the R.A.S. in N.S.W. Brigitte Wilson's husband was in Darwin with the communications giant A.W.A, and Brigitte also had Siamese. Noel Purich was a member of the Canine Association and also the North Australian Show Society. Julie and Helmut Schuller had just arrived in Darwin from W.A, where they had been on the committee of the Southern and Siamese Cat Club. Roy and Edna Shean represented the N.A.S.S. of which Roy was President.


The inaugural meeting in January 1968 saw the formation of a steering committee followed by the first CANT Committee with Jim as Chairman, Roy Shean as President of the Show Society was President, Rene became the first Registrar and Glenys the first Secretary.


The next few months were a hive of activity. The S.P.C.A. Pet Show, held at the Botanical Gardens in June 1968 and judged by Noel Purich and Jan Hills, saw the first display of pedigree cats in Darwin, all be it very small in number and such makeshift pens as a cocky's cage were used for the exhibition.


Rene had been busy registering cats, Registration Number 1 was given to:
Seal Point Siamese female CALUM PAKSE MANUM UBON, born on 11/9/1967
sire: Gd. Ch. Wenvale Fa Laab (N.Z.) dam: Nameloc Mindu Phichai Owned by Mrs M. Baker, and bred by Mr and Mrs Johnson this cat registered on 24/6/1968 with Registration Number 1/24.

The first cat registered chronologically, according to the records was:
NAH TRANG BIX NINJA born on 1/2/1966
sire: Mang Lu Joti dam: Tihuana Thai Steel
Owned by Helmut and Julie Schuller and bred by Mrs Helen Moffat in W.A., this cat was registered on 24/4/1968 with Registration Number 2/24.


The second display was at the 1968 Darwin Show in the chook pavilion and this prompted a commitment by the N.A.S.S. to build a Cat Pavilion and have a section for Cats by July 1969.

Male members of the CANT including Jim Pearce and Helmut Schuller were busy making cat cages, and by 25 October 1968 the CANT were able to hold their first Championship Show for Siamese and Domestics, with Rene Pearce judging Siamese and Haidee Lowe judging Domestics. There were over 60 entries in this first show held at Spillet House and the Show Manager was Julie Schuller.

In the Chairman's first Annual Report, we learn that 50 members had been enrolled and 70 cats and kittens registered. Cages for 50 cats had been made at a cost of $90.00 and 500 registration cards had been printed at a cost of $53.00. Three (3) shows were planned for 1969 and Mr Pearce advised that the CANT's awards and prefixes were recognised by all important Governing Cat Bodies.

But as was the norm in Darwin at that time, the CANT's first year came to a resounding end with the departure of Rene and Jim for Malaysia with the RAAF and Glenys back to Fremantle. In those days, one door opened as another door closed and C.A. (Cherry) McAdie arrived in Darwin with husband Noel, both Public Servants. Cherry had been active in the cat fancy in South Australia and was also a judge. Cherry took over the reins from Jim as Chairman of the CANT with Mrs Edith Goldsmith taking over the reins as Secretary. Julie Schuller became Treasurer and Haidee Lowe took over from Rene as Registrar.

Edith Goldsmith and her husband had a 10 year old red tabby Domestic named Frou Frou who had climbed Ayers Rock and used to jump through his masters arms on command.

In April 1969, Cherry put out the first "MEWS FROM THE NORTHERN TERRITORY" and also held the first judges training class.
The first Burmese, a brown female was registered on 3 April 1969:
NAH TRANG HENZADA born on 25/8/1968, sire: Ch Ranee Minbu dam: Ashlea Tawhara Owned by Mrs Maynard and bred by Mrs Helen Moffat in W.A, with Registration Number 67/27.


The first Longhair, a Blue Cream female, was registered soon after on 16 April 1969:
BERT RAND TAO born on 12/3/1968, Owned by Mrs NB Hunt and bred by M. Tidey in Queensland, with Registration Number 68/13.


On the 10 May 1969 Cherry judged the 2nd Championship Cat Show - this time for All Breeds. The first Russian Blue was registered for this show on 9 May 1969, he was:
MARSHALA RUSAN MISCHA born on 28/6/1967,
sire: Marshala Rusan Viscount dam: Ch. Marshala Rusan Minx Owned by Mrs Evelyn Fricker whose husband was in Darwin with St. John's Ambulance Service and bred by Mrs Joan Marshall in South Australia with Registration Number 81/16a.


Anne Schoer was in charge of trophies for the second show. Cherry's report on the show described a Chocolate Point Siamese male from Rosema stock. Rosema Cattery was Margaret Horne's Prefix in South Australia and Sister Foster and her husband owned the cat in Darwin. Cherry's Best Cat in Show was Brigitte Wilson's Lilac Point Siamese, Granvale May-Lo, although she did not receive a challenge as she was only entered in the Novice Class. Best Kitten was Berolina Blue Hereward owned by Barbara Schuricht. Barbara had come to Darwin from Queensland where she had been involved in the cat fancy. Best Burmese was Nah Trang Henzada and Best Desexed Foreign Shorthair was Russian Blue, Marshala Rusan Mischa. It seems that the Show Manager ran out of 1st prize cards and 2nd prize cards were issued with a promise that they would be replaced as soon as possible. (These would probably now be a collectors item!)


The second issue of "The Mews" contained the first advert, for Lambrette Cattery of Gosford, New South Wales breeding Siamese and Persians. We also learn that the first Tonkinese come to Darwin, these were Siamese/Burmese hybrids owned by Cherry. The June newsletter also carried the news that the first Korats in Australia were currently in quarantine, they were imported by Mrs Pauline Armit and Mrs Eve Clarke of South Australia. We learn that the Show Society Show in July will have Nita Russack from Adelaide to judge the cats over the show to be held 24 - 26 July 1969. Mrs Russack was also to bring some of her rare cats to Darwin. She was also scheduled to give a talk at the CWA Rest Rooms in Knuckey Street.


In the event, Mrs Russack embarked on her flight to Darwin with two cats sent ahead, one a rare Torti Point Colourpoint Persian, which she had imported from New Zealand. The second was a lovely Brown Burmese boy. Air travel in 1969 was far from perfect with long flights and erratic schedules. The plane landed in Alice Springs and the cats were off loaded. The next we hear in Darwin was that they had been consigned to the luggage compartment of abus on its way to Darwin. You can imagine the chagrin of the CANT committee; the track in those days was a trial in itself, - to tell Mrs Russack or not to tell her! The cats duly arrived, as did Mrs Russack, and it was felt that honesty was the best policy as the cats seemed to have survived their ordeal without harm.


The November 1969 "Mews" indicates that since June the CANT had obtained its official Post Office Box 3870, Darwin. This was originally at the old Post Office in Knuckey Street.


Gina McCabbin and Julie Schuller were Show Managers for the show held 26 October 1969 and judged by Mary Batten. The show commenced at 4.00 p.m. and trophy presentation was scheduled for 9.00 p.m. Mary's stewards were Brigitte Wilson and Barbara Schuricht, and 79 exhibits were entered.


Mary wrote a very comprehensive judge's report on the show:

Best In Show was Seal Point Siamese female ME-KONG SHEHEREZARDE owned and bred by Anne Schoer. She was also Cat of the Year and awarded the Mike O'Hara Memorial Cup which had been presented to the CANT in May 1969 by Nancy O'Hara of O'Hara's Roadlines, in memory of her husband Mike.


Best Siamese Male, Seal Point Siamese Male and Best Champion Male was CH. ARLUNYA TAMA (Imp in dam N.Z.) owned by Julie and Helmut Schuller.


Reserve to Best Cat In Show was Lilac Point Siamese SONETTE TITCH owned by the Lakats and bred by Brigitte Wilson.
The Dog House Annual Award for Domestic of the Year was won by Miss Kaye Forrester's KATE. Kaye Forrester has maintained her association with the CANT over a period of thirty years.


The female Burmese was U.T.H. at this show, but the Baroda Cup for Shorthair of the Year and also the Best Kitten in Show and the Kitten of the Year Trophy presented by Fred and Sidna May of BP Bagot Road Service Station went to brown Burmese girl THONGDARA ELSA owned by Bob and Diane Oaten and bred by Florris Hawkins in Victoria.


Best Longhair and Best Longhair of the Year being awarded the Wilbeth Cup was Mr George Barham's Shaded Silver Persian PINECREST SILVER BOY. Mr Barham was a Prison Officer at Fannie Bay Goal.


Fundraising was a big part of the CANT's activities at this time and provided the social interaction of members, which made the CANT a happy group with which to be involved. By October, Sidna May had taken over as Secretary and held a BBQ at her home where Mary presented the Challenges. Sidna's mother Mary Mazlin gave Mrs Batten a gift of frozen buffalo steaks, an over supplied commodity in 1969 when buffalo roamed the Adelaide River Plains by the thousands. Mary Mazlin followed this event with a working bee to make paper flowers, which were sold at $1.00 each. The able and the not so able members turned up to help in this project which proved very successful, much to the surprise of some.As always, cleaning up after shows was a major task, especially at commercial venues, and John and Haidee Lowe took on the task of cleaning up after the October 1969 show by themselves and received grateful thanks from the club. In 1969, the Christmas Party was held on 1 December 1969 at Martina's Restaurant in Nightcliff. The owner, had formally been a chef with Qantas, which had a large workforce in Darwin and owned staff accommodation in Mitchell Street - opposite the present Transit Centre. The CANT moved forward rapidly over the following years. Clyde and Beryl Chandler took an interest in the club and took over training of the first judges. Clyde, saying on one visit to Darwin, that brown Burmese female THONGDARA ELSA merited the most points that he had ever awarded to a cat. In 1970 Cat of the Year was awarded to Chinchilla HINEMOA BIANCA.


Although Rene and Jim Pearce were awarded Life Membership of the Association, the first recorded Life Memberships were in 1971 when Life Memberships were conferred on C.A. McAdie, Dr J.L. Hills BVSc. and Mrs Edna Shean who was Secretary of the Show Society.


1971 also saw the registration of the first longhair litter, under the POSADA prefix, registered to Mrs E.M. Hughes they were Chinchillas, sire was Mr George Barham's Pinecrest Silver Boy and dam the above mentioned Hinemoa Bianca. The litter was born on 7 August 1971. Over the 1971 - 72 season, Helmut and Julie Schuller presented The Rickmere Domica Memorial Trophy for Breeder of the Year. The first winner was Dot Simpson with her BYAMEE Prefix. Cat of the Year was awarded jointly to CH. THONGDARA ELSA and Red Persian COCHRAN DON PANCHO owned by Mrs Coughran. Haidee Lowe and Julie Schuller became the CANT's first judges to qualify in the Northern Territory. In that year the club had its first Patron, - Mr Martyn Finger, Administrator of the Northern Territory. Show Society President Mr Ray Fosky was now the President. Chairman was Mr Wayne Graham, he was a customs officer originally from Tasmania who had Longhairs. Peter Hagan was Vice Chairman and Secretary was Carol Casey. Carol Casey had joined the Naval Reserves at the outbreak of war and did a Marconi Wireless course. On learning that women would not be allowed to go to sea, as soon as she was 18, she joined the Army in the Signal Corps and spent the war years in Townsville. She came to Darwin in 1952 and worked for the Army as a civilian. She married "Snow" and at a Government auction, bought 2 Thornycroft Low Loaders and began a heavy transport business. In 1965 the family moved to Francis Creek to work a goldmine. Moving back to Darwin they started Premier Garden Supplies which was current with the Casey family's involvement with the CANT. Treasurer was Mrs Rose Hagan, a school teacher, Registrar Sandra Goldring, a nurse at Darwin Hospital, the old hospital in town at the end of Mitchell Street, and Publicity Officer was Carol's son Geoff Casey.


The first Abyssinian registered in the Territory was usual Abyssinian girl:


WITHIT WENONA GIRL born on 23/1/1972 sire: Gd. Ch. Withit Wallace dam: Gd. Ch. Withit WidgetOwned by Diane Oaten and bred by D.S. (Di) & P. Reynolds Vic., this cat registered on 9/7/1972 with Registration Number 427/23.


One of the judges in 1972 was Lesley Hollingsworth (nee Jowett) well known to everyone as Mrs Lesley Morgan-Blythe and currently judging in Darwin at the CANT's 30th Anniversary Show.


Cat of the Year in 1972 was Dot Simpson's Lilac Point boy BYAMEE BIAMEE with Di Oaten and her AMBERRIDGE CATTERY being awarded Breeder of the Year.



In 1973 the Australia Cat Federation had its beginnings and an initial meeting organised in Melbourne by Clyde and Beryl Chandler of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of Australia and Victoria and others was attended by Diane Oaten on behalf of the CANT.


In this year the first Tonkinese was registered in the Territory:
WATANABE KATIE born on 15/9/1972 sire: Ch. Zemet Amon dam: Gaeta Hashi Owned by Mrs Scott and bred by Rose Hagan, this cat was registered on 4/2/1973 with Registration Number SR1.


Active members at this time included the Casey Family, Robyn Eldering an ex-patriot from New Guinea with husband Peter, Di Oaten, Rose and Peter Hagan, Wayne Graham, May Joyce, Sandra Goldering, Jan and Rick McInnes, Fred Gray, Diana O'Dowd an ex prison warder from London, Belinda Theofylatos also very involved in dog breeding, Mr Fred Phipps who researched the Hall Mark on our most precious Annual Award and Dot Simpson now well known in the fledgling Darwin Cavy Association.



Cat of the Year was Rosemary Hull's lovely Silver Tabby Persian boy CH ORDEB BEN ALI.



1974 got off to a good start, the first Korat was registered:
YOWIE SRISUKETHAI born on 4/11/1973 sire: Gd. Ch. Jalnas Krah Manee dam: Nah Trang SongsudaOwned by Raynor Booker and bred by Dr. W. von Hapsburg in NSW, this cat was registered on 28/6/1974 with Registration Number 713/24.


Also active club members now included Scottie Fenner a teacher, Sandi Gemmell, D. & M. Wyatt, Liz Needle, Evelyn Mitchell who served in the RAAF and Debbie White. The Chairman was Brigitte Wilson. Brigitte has spent thirty years involved with the club's printing requirements both privately, in the early days operating the club's antique Gestetner and subsequently in her professional association with Marbeth Secretarial Agency and currently, Pink Panther Printing. Vice Chairman was Haidee Lowe, Secretary Fred Phipps, Acting Treasurer Evelyn Mitchell, Registrar Rose Hagan and Editor/Publicity Julie Schuller. The Newsletter's coloured cover was graced by Brown Burmese boy Ch. Amberridge Beyan. White curtains for cages were to be phased in at the October Show, CANT's 25th Show, which was to be judged by Margaret Horne of South Australia and C.A. McAdie. This turned out to be the biggest show so far with 128 entries. We learn from the Newsletter that a fractious cat may be calmed by sprinkling Valarium on the blanket in its cage. Some "BAJIMBI" cats bred by Mrs Jeffreys were now being shown in Darwin.


Cat of the Year for 1974 was FIRENZA FANCY PANCE, a lovely usual Aby girl owned by Di Oaten. Breeder of the Year was Brigitte Wilson with her SONETTE CATTERY specialising exclusively in Siamese. Cyclone Tracey too came in 1974 and devastated everyone's lives. Much has been written of this traumatic time and there are many tales of heroism and lucky escapes. The CANT saw two reactions to this catastrophe, the loss of many cats and Cat Fanciers, and the help from southern Cat Fanciers; spearheaded by Florris Hawkins in Victoria, which saw new cats donated to CANT members and a rebuilding force, which saw an influx of new members.


The January 1975 Cat Show was cancelled due to the devastation, a happening that underlined the overall effect of the cyclone on the complete life of Darwin and its community.1975 saw Martyn Finger still our Patron, Rick McInnes as Chairman, with Di Oaten as Vice Chairman, Rose Hagan as Registrar, Haidee Lowe as Secretary, Evelyn Mitchell as Treasurer and Julie Schuller as Editor. This was a heartbreaking year, which saw members such as Haidee Lowe rescuing abandoned cats from the debris that was the aftermath of "Tracey". The Dumigans, Ken and Jenny, Eileen Ovenden and Hilton Parkinson were in evidence on the cat scene with Marion Cooper in Nhulunbuy, who subsequently moved to Queensland where she trained as a judge and is currently listed on the QFA panel, and Brian Wegener in Katherine showing the diversity of the membership and the keenness of exhibitors. 1975 was a time of rebuilding.


The CANT takes the opportunity to thank Florris Hawkins for all her efforts in rebuilding the Cat Fancy in the NT, by conferring Life Membership of the CANT on her. At the same time, Life Membership was conferred on Haidee Lowe, Julie Schuller and Brigitte Wilson. Haidee also gained the honours in 1975 with her lovely Brown Burmese boy GD. CH. AMBERRIDGE BEYAN who was named Cat of the Year and Di Oaten with her AMBERRIDGE CATTERY breeding Burmese was nominated Breeder of the Year.


By 1976 the first British Shorthair was registered, she was:
YOWIE BLUE ANDREA born on 10/10/1975 sire: Ch. Albany Blue Byron dam: Chaldon Blue Babaline Owned by Marie Orchard and bred by Dr. W. von Hapsburg in NSW, this cat was registered on 28/6/1976 with Registration Number 1095/16.


Rick McInnes was again elected as Chairman with Di Oaten as Vice, Haidee Lowe continued the job as Secretary with Evelyn Mitchell again in charge of finances. Rose Hagan continued as Registrar and Julie Schuller as Editor with May Joyce elected as Prefix Recorder and Ken Dumigan in charge of Publicity. Breeder of the Year went to Belinda Theofylatos' STARLINE CATTERY mainly breeding Siamese at this time with GT GD CH. AMBERRIDGE ADAM, a brown Burmese boy bred by Di Oaten and owned by Robyn Eldering gaining the accolade of Cat of the Year. The CANT had become so large that it was felt that separate clubs were an option. In 1977 the Central Australian Cat Club was founded in Alice Springs by Kay McKibbin, also involved were N. Marriott, C.D.R. & J.C. (Jinx) Smith, along with May Poots and Ruth Glover. The first Show was in May 1977 and saw 63 cats entered, many from Darwin. The officiating judge was Dr Bill Groom who was at that time Chairman of the GCCF in Britain.


In Darwin, the Balzer's, Bob and Marie, E. Lippiat, Debbie Brackenridge and R. & J. Wright had become involved with the cat fancy and the CANT.We now have the first Cornish Rex registered in the Territory:


GAINSBOROUGH TOPAZ born on 28/1/1977 a red female sire: Ch Bajimbi Ripple dam: Bajimbi Mitzi Owned by Peter and Robyn Eldering and bred by B. Lachlan in the A.C.T., this cat was registered on 9/11/1977 with Registration Number 1552/33.


1977 also sees Sandi Gemmell, May Joyce, Jan McInnes and Marie Orchard promoted to the Judges Panel as probationary judges. Marie with husband Peter subsequently moved to Victoria where she is now a qualified F.C.C. Vic. judge.


Cat of the Year in 1977 was CH. SNOWHITE ALWIN a Persian with Rose Hagan's WATANABE prefix gaining Breeder of the Year for Burmese.





1978, and May Joyce who has been active in the CANT for some years is promoted to full judge of Siamese. After all the rebuilding of Darwin and the monumental effort made to restore the city to normal, 1978 is declared a Back to Darwin year which the CANT takes on board by organising a Back To Darwin Show on 21 May 1978. The show was sponsored by Qantas and judges were Sandra Bullock of the U.K., Florris Hawkins from Victoria and Mrs Pauline Stevens from South Australia (formerly Pauline Armit who imported the first Korats into Australia)


In time to compete in this show was the first Oriental registered in the NT: SOLITAIRE PAKIKE (IMP U.K.) born on 5/4/1977 a Havana (chocolate) female sire: Artinian Bilberry Boy dam: Solitaire Apiki Imported from the U.K. by Julie Schuller and bred by Angela Sayer who later went on to be instrumental in the formation of the Cat Club of Great Britain. This cat was registered on 8/4/1978 with Registration Number 1673/29. "Kiki" went on to be named the Best Pedigree Cat in Show.

The CANT received 218 entries for this show including 12 Korats. Entries came from everywhere, all Territory centres were included and many Interstate entries were also received. The whole of Australia had taken this show to heart and many trophies were donated. T.A.A. donated a return airfare to Brisbane as a raffle prize and "Cats Australian Style" a dedicated interstate cat magazine, gave over its March issue to the show. The catalogue was filled with stories of cats and "escapes" from "Tracey". In June, the CANT entered a float in the "Back To Darwin" parade through Darwin streets. Many club hours were spent at George Barham's home making paper sunflowers with which to decorate the float. After Tracey devastated the Cat Pavilion at the Showgrounds, various temporary measures were taken to home the exhibits, in 1978, a Geodesic Dome was the venue. The impressive and distinctive venue was deemed to have a lot of potential as a permanent Cat Pavilion, but was eventually lost to the CANT when it was sold to Katherine.


The annual October Show attracted 143 entries and saw L.M. (Lorna) Thomas of Western Australia and Joan Marshall (breeder of the N.T.'s first registered Russian Blue) from South Australia judging, with May Joyce as probationary judge. The show was a charity function for The Guide Dogs for The Blind with Billie Pitcheneder as guest. Mrs Audrey Finger, the Patron's wife, judged the child's pet section. Members active now included longhair aficionados Bev Lineham, Yvette Story, Yvonne Wills and George Barham, Siamese fanciers Lee Oliver, Jenny Mackie, Mary Wamsey and Graham Hansen with Dot Brown showing her Domestics.
Cat of the Year was a lovely Tabby Point Siamese boy, GT.GD.CH. STARLINE SILVER PHOENIX owned and bred by Belinda The ofylatos who also secured the Breeder of the Year Trophy with her STARLINE prefix. As the Cat Fancy grew, the time came for the formation of a number of breed clubs. In 1979, the Burmese Cat Club was formed with President Rose Hagan, Secretary Bob Balzer, Treasurer Scottie Fenner and a Committee, which included Graham Hansen and Lee Oliver. The Longhair Cat Club formed with Jenny Dumigan as President/Secretary, Yvonne Wills as Treasurer and a Committee, which included Bev Lineham and Joanne Francis. The Siamese Cat Club was made up of a Committee which included Sandi Gemmell, Haidee Lowe, Julie Schuller, Jenny Mackie, May Joyce and S. Brookes.


The Specialist Cat Club was formed with Charles Atherton as President, Charles and his wife Janet had Siamese. Charles was also involved with the Dog Fancy and still has a high profile on the Board of the Royal North Australian Show Society, chiefly involved with the power supply at the Showgrounds. Doone Barnes as Secretary, Doone had British Shorthair at this time. Raynor Booker as Treasurer, Raynor was of course instrumental in the high profile of Korats in the Territory and further afield, and the Committee included Eileen Ovenden, who had been very successful breeding Chocolate Point Siamese and Robyn Eldering. Robyn had many cats, some imported home from New Guinea via quarantine in England. She was a pioneer in both Cornish and Devon Rex and had Burmese and embarked on some experimental programs, which produced some interesting colour phases. Her SIRIKIT prefix had been registered in N.S.W. for many years before she came to the NT. It was decided that the CANT would now run only the July Show for the N.A.S.S. and that the October Show would be a combined clubs show.1979 was the year Sandi Gemmell and May Joyce were confirmed as judges for Burmese kittens. WATANABE FU NO NOOKIE a desexed brown Burmese boy bred by Rose Hagan and owned by David Joyce became the first International Premier Neuter conferred by the A.C.F. in Australia.


A milestone year for the CANT as after a symbiotic relationship with the North Australian Show Society for its first 10 years, the CANT now moves to autonomy in light of its relationship with the Australian Cat Federation and through it the Federation International Feline. For the first time the CANT elects its own President, the honour going to Julie Schuller, with Vice Presidents Haidee Lowe and Graham Hansen. Secretary is May Joyce and Evelyn Mitchell continued as Treasurer. Rose Hagan also continued as Registrar and Sandi Gemmell is also elected as assistant/second Registrar. Sandi has continued in this position and its subsequent form of Registrar I uninterrupted for 19 years to the present (1998). Prefix Recorder was Carol Lynch a sister at the hospital and Longhair enthusiast. So enthusiastic was she to have her Orange Eyed white "Skybank Miss Piggy" snow white at a show that she rinsed her in Blue-O and turned up with a blue cat. Editor was Raynor Booker.


Rose Hagan's brown Burmese boy WATANABE LLEUFER LEVIN seized Cat of the Year honour and Rose also gained the distinction of being awarded Breeder of the Year with her WATANABE CATTERY.1980, the new decade and Rose Hagan qualifies as a probationary judge while Sandi Gemmell is promoted to judge All Shorthair and May Joyce to judge All Foreign Shorthair. The Longhair Cat Club is very active under President Leona Gott (now Truman) with Treasurer Yvonne Wills, Secretary Carol Lynch and a committee comprising Carol Johnson, Yvette Story and Bev Lineham. The club donates 7 Perpetual Trophies to the CANT. The Specialist Cat Club now has Peter Eldering as President, with Raynor Booker Secretary, and Eileen Ovenden Treasurer. The Committee includes Robyn Eldering, Mary Wamsy and Helen O'Dwyer.


In April 1980 the Central Australian Cat Club invited Pauline Stephens to judge. The Show was held in the gymnasium of the Gillen Primary School. This show was an " Open style show" of 1 ring, a first for Alice Springs, a show which exhibitors and public could stay and watch the judging. 40 exhibits were entered of which 3 were absent on the day. What was lacking in numbers was made up in variety. There were 12 Persian (3 Blacks, 2 blues, 1 red self, 1 smoke, 1 tortie, 1 blue cream & 3 bi colours) of these a Red bi-colour male WAROO AUTUMN GLORY owned by K & K McKibbin, took out Best Longhair award. 10 Siamese were benched (8 Seal point, 1 Blue point, & 1 Lilac Point). The Blue Point won Best Siamese award, Pauline also mentioned a 4½ month old Seal Point Kitten "who would hold his own in any competition in the World". This was CLEVELAND ONEENIS TOBIAS, owned by P G White and bred by E Jonas (now Andresen). ! Russian Blue was entered, going on to win Best Other Shorthair, 1 British blue female, 4 Part Pedigree exhibits and 3 Domestic exhibits. Pauline did a write up for the Club which appeared in the 1980 edition of the CFA Year Book.


The ACF holds its National Show for the first time in Darwin. This is a big undertaking for the Cat Fancy, still fairly novice on the National stage. ACF President Jack Howson OBE also President of the R.A.S. in W.A. was in attendance, with International Liaison Officer Molly Oliver, Past President of ACF Mr Harold Klopper, International F.I.Fe Judge Mr Peter Scholer from Belgium and Mrs Faye Schippenheijn ACF Secretary. This was the 8th National Show. Australian Judges included Janet McKenzie. The CANT arranged for visitors to use the facilities at Tracey Village, the Cyclone Reconstruction Village now having fulfilled its role, is used as a holiday camp. Exhibitors and their cats were able to live in the village and have their cats with them.


The Show was held at the Casuarina Shopping Square and Darwin Mayor Mr Ces Black, presented the trophies. The official dinner was held at the Darwin Casino, in 1980, this was at the Don Hotel in Cavenagh Street.

Best Cat in Show was GD. CH. AGENA BEAU FANTASTIC an Orange-Eyed White Longhair brought to the show from Queensland by his owner and breeder Madeleine Blondell. He was an International Champion and Queensland Cat of the Year for three consecutive years before he went to Lorna Thomas in W.A. where he became a W.A. Grand Champion. Best Shorthair Kitten was KOKADJO RED EMMA a Red Point Siamese, owned and bred by Lee Oliver.


Cat of the Year for 1980 was again Rose Hagan's boy GT. GD. CH. WATANABE LLEUFER LEVIN and Lee Oliver took out Breeder of the Year with her KOKADJO cattery. Its 1981 and Peta Hansen becomes President of the Burmese Cat Club with Lee Oliver taking over the reins as Secretary. Lesley Price is elected Treasurer and the Committee includes Sandra Swain and Stacey Biller. The CANT are actively training stewards and judges, and the CANT's first Bronze Medal is awarded to Seal Point Siamese Female GT. GD. PN BLAUMEISE QUETZALCOATL owned by Wolf Schuller and the same age as Wolf, that is 10 years old.


The CANT always active in the community puts on a display of Black Cats at the Paspaley Centre Point Shopping Arcade on Friday 13 February 1981. Another major project overseen by Peta Hansen was "The Terrific Tortie" float entered in the Bougainvillea Festival Parade in July 1981. The fantastic float was constructed entirely of paper flowers made by members and was a great achievement of which the club was justifiably proud. Clyde Chandler is back in Darwin to judge at the Royal and put 2 trainee judges through their practical examinations. The CANT's Carol Lynch started contributing a regular column to the N.T. News. Rose Hagan organised a very successful Domestic Pet Show at Casuarina High School. All these endeavours were well received and created a lot of interest in the fancy. To cap off achievements, the CANT became an Incorporated Body.

In Alice Springs, the Red Centre Cat Fancy was formed by May Poots, Galye Baguley and Sandy and Dan Van Aalst, after a traumatic period, which saw the Central Australian Cat Club disaffiliate from the CANT (Inc.). President was Miss Di Mitchell, a school teacher and interested in Siamese and later Orientals. Secretary was Mrs Ruth Glover, whose "Imapatch" Cattery later produced some of the finest Cornish Rex in Australia. Assistant Secretary was Liz Ryan (now our own Liz Andresen) with Mrs Joanne Pengelly as Treasurer/Editor. Joanne became interested in British Shorthairs. Cat of the Year was CH. BELTANA TIDDUMS a Siamese girl bred by May Joyce with Carol Lynch's MAUSWOOD cattery taking out the Breeder of the Year with her Longhairs.1981 also heralded the registration of the first Devon Rex in the NT:
ANPURR SWEET LADY born on 12/1/1980 a Smoke Tortie Female

sire: Platypuss Sultan Pepper dam: Dble. Gd. Ch. Adina Elsa Owned by Peter and Robyn Eldering and bred by Peter and Anita Quinliven in South Australia, this cat was registered on 18/3/1981 with Registration Number SR/39/33a.


Also this year sees Rose Hagan, May Joyce and Sandi Gemmell made Life Members of the CANT. 1982 sees the formation of The Tennant Creek Cat Club with John McDonnel as President, Trent Griffiths as Vice President, Kathy Stow as Secretary and Annette Griffiths as Treasurer. Ann Bagley becomes Secretary of the Burmese Cat Club with Lynn Offer Secretary of the Longhair Cat Club. Carol Martin and Brenda Bensley join the Longhair Cat Club Committee. Wil Ebbers, who as a girl had lived in the Dutch East Indies and had survived Japanese atrocities during the occupation was also a longhair enthusiast, and who raised hundreds of dollars for the CANT with her raffle selling propensity.


The first Birman is registered in the Territory:
CARINYA CLEOPATRA born on 12/10/1981 a Blue Point Female
Owned by L.G. and L.J. Offer bred by S. & C. Robinson in Western Australia registered on 24/1982 with Registration Number 4064/13c.


Cat of the Year was CH. LAVENDEL WOTA DELIGHT, a Blue Longhair owned by Kathie Stow and Leona Gott. Breeder of the Year is CLEVELAND cattery Liz Ryan's prefix in Alice Springs. After the great boom in the Cat Fancy in the Northern Territory, a few short years sees it in decline with both the Siamese Cat Club and the Specialist Cat Club ceasing operations. Rose Hagan becomes a full Burmese Judge and probationary Shorthair Judge. Burmese and Longhair breeds are still popular and well supported





1983, and Lee Oliver takes over from Rose Hagan as Shorthair Registrar. Lee continues in this position for the next 15 years until the present day. Dot Brown takes over as Prefix Recorder with Dan Van Aalst as Editor. These years of consolidation herald the heyday of the Russian Blue and the Cornish Rex.


The clubs down the track are now on the ascendancy, while in Darwin we have the first Northern Territory bred litter of Birmans registered by Graham and Peta Hansen under their PALETWA prefix. Born on 11 November 1983, this was a litter of Blue Points; sire was Dutch Ch. Blue Van de Snoezepoesjes (Imp. Holl) and dam: Sarika Blu Rani.


Cat of the Year was probably CH. IMAPATCH BESSIE (the records are missing) a lovely Torti and White Cornish Rex bred and owned by Ruth Glover in Alice Springs. She took out Best Foreign Shorthair and Best NT Bred for that year. Breeder of the Year was Kathy Stow with her YARRYN prefix in Tennant Creek.


1984, CANT's President is Haidee Lowe, with Vice Presidents Julie Schuller and Peta Hansen. May Joyce is Secretary with Sue Seward (later Langmair) as Treasurer. Editor is Dan Van Aalst with Dot Brown as Prefix Recorder. Patron, Martyn Finger leaves to live in Canberra and is made an Honorary Life Member. Lorraine Baker becomes Treasurer of the Tennant Creek Cat Club with Val O'Cass President and Kathy Stow is Secretary. Cat of the Year is CH. SAYAN SERINA a Russian Blue girl owned and bred by Sandy and Dan Van Aalst who came to live in Darwin from the Alice. Dan worked as a Clerk of the Court. IMAPATCH cattery owned by Ruth Glover in the Alice gets Breeder of the Year.


1985 sees Rose Hagan graduate as All Shorthair Judge and Dr J.L. (Jan) Hills becomes the club's Patron. Liz Ryan applies to do the Judges' course. Ian Diss becomes the Secretary of the CANT and brings the first Balinese to the Northern Territory. At the time the Balinese was unrecognised as a breed by ACF affiliates.
The Blue Point female was SHABALIBET SAPPHIRE. She was bred in Victoria by B. McConnachie on 16 October 1984 and registered on 13 May 1985 with registration number 4350/13BABP.


Cat of the Year is a Siamese owned and bred by Liz, CLEVELAND CHERAYNE. Breeder of the Year is SALAMANDER cattery owned by Pat Richardson. Pat with daughter Debbie successfully bred Siamese in Darwin over a number of years.


In 1986, Elaine Vincent joins the Committee of the CANT. Peta Hansen qualifies as a Foreign Shorthair Judge and Yvonne Rabjones takes over the reins as Secretary. Yvonne and Kel Kelson managed the Poinciana Motel, later moving to Katherine, they married and now live in Wooli, New South Wales. Yvonne organised one of the most memorable CANT parties at the Chinese Restaurant in Malak. She had members dress up in costumes as specific breeds of cat and verses were read on the idiosyncrasies of the breeds - it was a great entertainment. Yvonne and Kel maintain their membership of the CANT. Yvonne had a gorgeous Devon Rex Mr E.T. who did extremely well on the show bench.


Cat of the Year in 1986 was again a Russian Blue owned and bred by Sandy and Dan Van Aalst. CH. SAYAN VICKTOR was a lovely boy who gained the nickname fruit bat because of his ears! Ruth Glover in the Alice was Breeder of the Year with her IMAPATCH prefix.1987 Breeder of the Year was Leona Gott's PANKIWA cattery. The CANT has been working hard on preparations for the Bicentenary in 1988.



With a great deal of hard work and planning, the CANT is able to secure the A.C.F. National Cat Show as an official Bicentennial project. To carry through the theme, judges were asked to wear period costume, as were stewards and show helpers. A uniform in the NT colours of black, white and ochre was also designed and the colour scheme was repeated throughout. Cages were decorated in keeping with the Bicentennial theme.

To kick off proceedings, judges and visitors enjoyed a visit to the Mindil Beach Markets for a sunset tea Territory style. These included Alison Ashford from the UK. A visiting Pipe Band from Singapore made up of Women Police entertained the throng.


A cocktail party was arranged with a book launch by acting Mayor Mr Ces Black, of "SHE IS A CAT" painting and verses compiled by Mocco Wollert who used to run Martina's restaurant in Nightcliff. Mocco came to Darwin for the launch.


The show was held in the Foskey Pavilion at the Showgrounds. Judges included Trixie Pettman-South from South Australia, who donned period costume as did Lesley Morgan from Tasmania, Faye Muga came from Victoria and Madeleine Blondell from Queensland, while Lorna Thomas represented the West. Jan McKenzie from Victoria was referee judge. A total of 244 cats were entered. Brigitte Wilson decorated the hall with plants to display the trophies and adorn the huge pavilion. There were also displays set up by various states and individuals on all aspects of the history of the pedigree cat fancy in Australia. Supreme Exhibit was Russian Blue KATYA COUNT SVIATOSLAV owned by Bobby Mather of South Australia. Best Longhair and Reserve Pedigree Cat was Leonie Gott and Kathy Stow's white Longhair GT. GD. CH. BELLAMI CHAMELEON and Best Desexed goes to CLEVELAND RAJAHMAH a Blue Oriental bred by Liz Ryan (now Andresen) and owned by daughter Danielle Ryan.. Commodore Johnson opened the show and A.C.F. President Mr Lance Barnard delivered the opening address. An official dinner in the gardens of the Darwin Hotel followed the show. The Judges' Association held a very successful seminar, which saw Scottish Folds displayed in the Northern Territory for the first time. Debbie Richardson has taken on the mammoth task of CANT Secretary for the 1988/89 year.



Hawaiian Judge Betty De Hay arrived in Darwin to take part in this milestone event. Saturday, 8 October 1988 was presentation night for all annual awards. The presentation dinner was held at Elaine Vincent's house in Dripstone Road. A selection of Annual Award winning cats were present on the night to compete in "The Birthday Cat Competition" and these included cats from Tennant Creek, Alice Springs and Darwin. Betty chose Leona Gott's Cornish Rex IMAPATCH SHERISE bred by Ruth Glover as the Birthday Cat. She was also Cat of the Year and Kitten of the Year. Leona, with Kathy Stow also got Breeder of the Year with their BELLAMI cattery Prefix. Annual Awards trophies were presented by Betty and then some special awards were made. Dot Brown was made a Life Member of the CANT and received a set of 6 of the specially engraved 20th anniversary champagne glasses. Rikki Schuller received 4 glasses as runner up Steward of the Year and Sue Seward received 6 glasses as Steward of the Year. Kathy Pickering, who has taken charge of the computerised membership list installed by Rose Hagan in 1981 was given a commemorative glass in appreciation. Julie Schuller was also given a set of 6 glasses in commemoration of her attendance at the inaugural meeting of the CANT in January 1968.The following day, Sunday, saw Betty judging the cats in the American style, standing on a raised platform set up in the Tracey Village venue.


The audience sat in front of the judge and there was a bank of cages behind Betty and stewards transferred the exhibits from their own cages to these. Show Managers were Haidee Lowe and Julie Schuller and Best Cat in Show was Leona Gott's CH. IMAPATCH SHERISE a Cornish Rex. 2nd Best Cat was a usual Aby, R & D.J. Powell's MERINDALEE LOVE POTION with Sarah Hills MINE a Tonkinese, as best Golden Oldie. Afternoon tea was served with a Birthday cake donated by Dot Brown. The event was recorded on video. Rather than the age of Aquarius, we now approached the age of the Abyssinian. The club continued forward with shows up and down the track with cats continuing to travel to all centres. Shows in Alice Springs and Tennant Creek were well supported, Libby Thompson's BELLAMI CINNAMON RIPPLE a Cornish Rex Torti girl going Supreme in both the March and May shows 1989 in the Alice. Syd and Tracy Redfern's KOKHAN NATASHA SELKET was Best Cat in March and Monika Bloedorn's SIMLU GYPSY JOE was Best Cat in May in Tennant. In Darwin, the February Show created a lot of public interest being held at the Casuarina Shopping Square and by October, the club had moved to the new club venue at Nightcliff Community Centre. Lilac Point Siamese SALAMANDER LILAC SHARRIE owned by Pat and Debbie Richardson was Best in Show, and at this show also, Liz Ryan successfully completed her final judges' examination. May Joyce was now President of the club with Julie Schuller and Haidee Lowe Vice Presidents. Elaine Vincent was Prefix Recorder and Margaret Gray was Secretary. Beryl Mulder is in evidence breeding and exhibiting her Orientals.


Cat of the Year was BELLAMI MON CHERIE AMOUR a longhair owned by Kathy Stow and Leona Gott and their BELLAMI prefix gave them Breeder of the Year. In 1990, the presidency changed, with Haidee Lowe taking on the job and May Joyce reverting to Vice. May also took over the roll of Editor and other positions remained the same. Tennant Creek holds 3 shows and the CANT puts on the first show in Katherine, after Katherine people expressed support for the idea. The first show in Katherine saw 33 exhibits, with J. Schuller judging. TORRELEVEGA DANIEL, a Foreign White owned by A. Jonas is Best Cat. This show also saw Manx entered. Best Cat at the second Katherine show on 20 October 1990 was CH. CHARLWIN BOEOTIA (imp. U.K.) a male Korat imported from England by Elaine Vincent. Best Kitten was WINSLOW LAISHA owned by K. Jordan WITH SLV. GT. GD. PN KOKADJO DUBONNET owned by Syd and Tracy Redfern taking out Best Desexed. Cat of the Year is Syd and Tracy Redfern's lilac Burmese boy GT. GD. CH. VAYBOW MONIQUES BOY with Leona Truman and Kathy Stow's BELLAMI cattery taking out the Breeder of the year award.17 shows were held, 16 in the NT and the ACF National in 1991. During this period, a dynamic group pursued accolades the length of the Territory. Syd and Tracy Redfern with their Burmese; Barb and Gary Tucker with their Siamese; and Dave and Rita Powell with their Abyssinians; later joined by Ross and Diane Page with their Burmese, gave the shows a vitality not seen before. Their competitiveness was underpinned by the continued high level of entries from the partnership of Leona Truman in Darwin and Kathy Stow in Tennant Creek with their Persians, Exotics and Abyssinians. The Fancy also profited from a high level of breeding, over this period.


Litters were bred by Siamese/ Oriental enthusiasts: Barb & Garry Tucker in Darwin with their BALLAKAT prefix Liz Ryan in Alice Springs with her CLEVELAND prefix Ann Jonas in Darwin with her WINSLOW prefix Jenny Ives in Darwin with her JAYBARTEE prefixRikki Schuller with her SOLITAIRE prefix and Dr. John Hargrave with his GOJOK prefix both in Darwin. In Korat: Elaine Vincent in Darwin with her RATCHASIMA prefix
In British Shorthairs: Haidee Lowe also in Darwin with her VANLOWE prefix. In Burmese: Richard Corbett & Muriel O'Connell with their KOKHAN prefix and Syd & Tracey Redfern with their KHABONNET prefix also in Darwin.
While Abys were well to the fore with Lorraine Baker in Tennant Creek with her RAECAM prefix and Leona Truman & Kathy Stow operating in both Darwin and Tennant Creek with their BELLAMI prefix. Also in Darwin Rita & Dave Powell with their TARSARA prefix. Cornish Rex too, were expanding again with: Lorraine Baker in Tennant Creek with her RAECAM prefix Julie Schuller in Darwin with her BLAUMEISE prefix and Libby Thompson in Alice Springs with her IZABE prefix. Elaine Vincent becomes Vice President in 1991 with Haidee still President. Julie Schuller takes over as Secretary and Sue Seward is Treasurer with Tracy Redfern as Editor and Rikki Schuller Prefix Recorder.


A two-ring show is held in February with H. Lowe's British Blue boy SACRISTON RENEGADE Best Cat in Ring 1 and CH. TARSARA GOLDEN SIMBA, R. and D. Powell best in Ring 2. KHABONNET EMMA owned by V. Hadock was Best Kitten in Ring 1 and Sue Hatcher's BELLAMI PHOEBE took out kitten in Ring 2. Sue's first appearance on the cat scene preluded another milestone in CANT history. Desexed in Ring 1 was N. Hunt's KHABONNET KANE with Carol Martin's lovely blue Longhair BRONZE GT.GD.CH. PANKIWA BELLAMI MIST best in Ring 2, and subsequently was awarded Silver Status. Manx appear on the bench in Darwin for the first time. In the Alice, Libby Thompson did well with her white Cornish Rex BEJAYRE ACACIA SNOW, while in Tennant BELLAMI TAWNY TEGAN an Aby owned and bred by Leona and Kathy is Best Cat.
A Somali is registered, she was usual in colour and bred in Western Australia by Jan Warnock.
HITAGA TAWNY TAMMY was born on 2 November 1988 and brought to the Northern Territory by Leona Truman and Kathy Stow where she was registered on 23/3/1991 with Registration Number 5033/13SO.
In May 1991, Rikki Schuller is accepted as a trainee judge in Siamese/Oriental breeds and the first show was held at The Fred's Pass Rural Show. CH. TARSARA GOLDEN SIMBA, a usual Aby boy is the CANT's representative at the ACF National Show in Adelaide. Cat Shows continued up and down the track on the show circuit with Sharon McMillan's usual Aby girl CH BELLAMI TIGER LILLY doing well on the agricultural show circuit.
On the National front, SILVER GT GD CH PANKIWA DASHING DION owned by Harry Vincent becomes ACF Australian Premier and GD CH HITAGA WILD IMP owned by L Truman and K Stow was judged Supreme Exhibit at the ACF National Show in Perth in June. Leona Truman is by nor making most of the rosettes used at CANT Shows.


SILVER GT GD PN PANKIWA DASHING DION also gains Gold Status. BRONZE GT GD PN PANKIWA BALLAMI MIST is named Best Desexed at the 6 October 1990 show with DJ & R Powells' usual Aby male CH. TARASARA GOLDEN SIMBA named Best Cat, while WINSLOW LAISH owned K Jonas takes out Best Kitten.


Cat of the Year was GT GD CH CHARLWIN BOEOTIA (IMP UK) a lovely Korat boy owned by E Vincent, with Syd and Tracey Redfern's KHABONNET cattery named Breeder of the Year. In December Sandi Gemmell passes her Longhair examination to become an All Breeds Judge.1992 and Haidee continues as President with Julie Schuller as Secretary/Treasurer and Elaine Merryfull as Minute Secretary, Di Mitchell (in Alice Springs) is Editor and Rikki Schuller is Prefix Recorder. Committee included Erin Onesti (Russian Blues) Barbara Templeton, Dave Powell, Diane Page (Burmese) Ruth Leslie-Rose (Russian Blues) and Sue Langmair.We hear that members in the Alice have trials and tribulations with their various judges. Lesbia McEwan and her husband going to Yulara prior to the September 1991 Show and getting a stomach wog necessitating a trip to the hospital and a poorly Lesbia who just managed to complete the assignment. In November 1991, Christa Rheinhardt hired a car and took off on a trip, only to have the car break down and it was very late evening before she was able to arrive back in the Alice. Ken Stewart did not even make it to the Alice. Di Mitchell went to pick him up at the airport only to learn that Ken was still in Melbourne. There was a mix up in flight plans, so Ken came a week later together with the large contingent of Darwin cats, which had been alerted in time. Their judge for May 1992, Shelagh Jammison from Queensland has visited the Alice on three occasions; first in July 1988, when it rained and was the coldest first day of the agricultural show on record. Her next visit also saw the heavens open. However her third visit in May 1992, after a long dry spell in The Centre, saw a huge storm deluge the city, the worst flooding Di Mitchell had seen in her 21 years, in the Alice, occurred. Shelagh named blue cream Persian BELLAMI BELLAS MEMORY owned by Lyn Baskerville as Supreme Exhibit.


Fred's Pass Show had unprecedented three downpours of rain, rendering the venue abysmal for exhibits as water flooded cages. The day got off to a bad start with the vet going unrecognised and being co-opted into assisting with getting things ready for the 60 entries. D. Powell and B. Templeton's usual Aby boy CH TARSARA GOLDEN SIMBA went Supreme despite the weather.Gold status is awarded to SILVER GT. GD. PN PANKIWA BELLAMI MIST owned by Carol Martin. Libby Thompson's Cornish Rex boy IZABE SMOKEY JOE does well on the bench at the Alice agricultural show while B. J. Bennet's BENFIELD FATIMA wins at Tennant Creek.


The July, Show Society Shows in Katherine and Darwin, were both judged by visiting Dutch Judge, Herr Klaas van der Wijk. Supreme in Katherine was Blue Aby kitten BALLAKAT BLUEFIRE BOY owned and bred by Barb Templeton and Dave Powell. The CANT committee worked hard to stage shows in Katherine, in one day they transported all trestles and cages to Katherine, set up the show, ran the show, then packed up all equipment and drove back to Darwin. At the show held in Katherine on 22 August 1992, Haidee Lowe put Rikki Schuller through a judging assignment. Another big show is held at Casuarina Shopping Square in February with Tops Jowett, Liz Ryan and Sandi Gemmell adjudicating on the entry of 77 exhibits, while the October show was an innovative 2 day show held on Saturday and Sunday, 3 & 4 October 1992. Cheryl Ross from South Australia, May Joyce, Northern Territory and Cheryl U'Ren Victoria were the judges.

Also, registered in 1992 was the first Exotic Shorthair, a black male:
TATAURA MR STICKS registered on 30 November 1992 with Registration Number 5155/1EX
He was born on 29/12/1991 in New South Wales, bred by Mrs B. Hetherington and owned by Sherrida Edgecombe.

Cat of the Year was brown Burmese boy GT. GD. CH. TATIRA SHAJHAN owned by Elaine Merryfull. While Julie Schuller's BLAUMEISE cattery was awarded the Breeders Trophy. In Alice, their Annual Awards included Cat of the Year Di Mitchell's Tabby Oriental girl GD.CH. RYNKAH BUTTONS N BOWS with Libby Thompson's Cornish Rex BOY IZABE SMOKEY JOE as Kitten of the Year with Lynn Baskerville's Longhair CH. BELLAMI MI CHERENE AMOUR taking out Desexed Exhibit of the Year.



1993 and Dave Powell is now the President with Elaine Vincent as Editor and Diane Page as Prefix Recorder. In March, one of the biggest threats to the Cat Fancy raised its ugly head, in the form of the Darwin City Council's debate on Feral Cats and the subsequent push for registration with a questionnaire and the responses to same. On 20 June, the first and only cat show is held at the Adelaide River Annual Show Grounds. Run by Lee Oliver and Diane Page we learn that some of the cats arrived in cat traps and were as big as horses. In July, a car rally was held out to May Joyce's property at Darwin River followed by a BBQ. Wolf and Cherie Schuller won the rally. The Darwin Royal was judged by Cheryl U'Ren who also held a very informative seminar at the Museum Theatrette at Bullocky Point on the Sunday.


July also saw the registration of the first Maine Coon in the Territory, she was Silver Torti Tabby and White:
LEGENDARY ZENOUSKA was registered on 27 July 1993 with registration number 5186/13MC. She was born on 7/12/1992 bred S. Adams in Victoria, and owned by Jacinta Page.


Exhibitors now in evidence include Richard Corbett and Muriel O'Connell and Sherrida and Eric Edgecombe. The Twenty-fifth Anniversary Show is a spectacular presentation with a theme of Silver, Purple and Black and specially engraved glasses for the occasion. A cocktail party for past members is held in the foyer of the Foundation Rooms at Casuarina Shopping Square. The lovely catalogue had a silver cover and contained a potted history of the CANT compiled by Lee Oliver and Elaine Vincent. Challenges were purple and the trophy table was draped in purple satin. Trophies included a silver coffee service. The judging panel too was formidable, Ann Rickson from the United Kingdom, Hayden Pollock from New Zealand, Terry and Dorothy Dever from Queensland and NT Judges, Haidee Lowe and Julie Schuller. Best Cat and Supreme Exhibit was Ross and Diane Page's lovely chocolate Burmese girl, CH. RIOKAY SWEET LIBERTY. Cat of the Year was R Powell and B. Templeton's blue Aby boy CH. BALLAKAT BLUEFIRE BOY. Breeder of the Year was Elaine Merryfull with her KADONKANI prefix.


In 1994, the first show at the Alawa Community Centre was held and Diane Page has by this time show managed a number of shows. President is Elaine Vincent with Haidee Lowe and Richard Corbett as Vice Presidents, May Joyce is Secretary, Julie Schuller Treasurer and Muriel O'Connell is Prefix Recorder. On the committee are Wayne and Wendy Clarke, Bridget Adair, Elaine Merryfull and Jim Horne. In February, the club petition the Royal North Australian Show Society for permanent club rooms at the showgrounds and this is granted in June.


The first Turkish Van is registered in the Territory, he was:
VANWILLOW WILD WALTER, registered on 16/5/1994 with registration number 5206/13d.
He was born on 3/2/1994 in Queensland, bred by M.B. Roberts and owned by Ron and Sonya Fleming.


The ACF National Show was held in Darwin in June and was an official Bougainvillea Festival event and Darwin was nothing if hospitable. Judges were entertained to an Alfresco Breakfast at East Point. The Mayor, George Brown, held a Civic Reception for all interstate visitors and local dignitaries. Judges included Tom Herbst from the U.S., Ian Rivett from Victoria, Tops Jowett from Tasmania, June Richardson from South Australia, Margaret Bush from Western Australia, Barbara La Rocca from Queensland and Sandi Gemmell from Northern Territory. The show was held in the Foskey Pavilion at the Showgrounds with an innovative design for cages, which were set up in bays. The official opening was by Chief Minister of the NT, Marshall Perron and ACF President Mr Lance Barnard AO responded. Official guests included Mrs Cherry Perron, Lord Mayor, Mr George Brown, and R.N.A.S.S. Secretary Mr Merv Brown and visiting judges. Honoured guests were then entertained to afternoon tea. Supreme Exhibit was Seal Silver Spotted Oriental, BROADACRES MATA HARI brought from Queensland to the show by owner Val Harney. Approximately 180 cats were entered in the show.


Sherrida and Eric Edgecombe's black Exotic boy CH MARTES HIGH ROLLER does well on the show bench and Diamond status is awarded to AUST. NAT PN AND PLATINUM GT GD CPN PANKIWA DASHING DION owned by Harry Vincent.


Adele Glovasky from New South Wales judges at the Royal Darwin Show in July and writes one of the most comprehensive reports ever received. This was greatly appreciated by members.


Cat of the Year is Ross and Diane Page's chocolate Burmese girl GT GD CH RIOKAY SWEET LIBERTY while Richard Corbett and Muriel O'Connell gained the accolade for Breeder of the Year with their KOKHAN prefix. Diane is accepted as a trainee judge and completes her first assignment at the October 1994 show.


1995 and President is Elaine Vincent with Diane Page joining Haidee Lowe as Vice. Haidee also taking on the Secretary position with Sherrida Edgecombe as Minute Secretary. Editor is Margaret Gray and Sue Langmair is Treasurer. Committee members include Muriel O'Connell, Wendy Yorke, Annette Kemp, Richard Corbett, Julie Schuller, and Eric Edgecombe. The club supplies stainless steel water bowls for all cages. Liz Haimes from Queensland judges the Darwin Show and attends a very convivial show dinner at the Diamond Beach Casino Pool hosted by the Show Society. Elaine Vincent's imported Korat girl GT. GD. CH. JENANCA SERENA (Imp U.K.) does well on the bench. Spotted Mist is seen for the first time on the bench, when Natalie Page shows her boy XYRIS AARON.Cat of the Year is Sherrida and Eric Edgecombe's black Exotic boy CH. MARTES HIGH ROLLER with RATCHASIMA (AUST) cattery owned by Elaine Vincent taking out the Breeder of the Year award. The CANT held for the first time, a very successful Cat Expo in June 1996. The aim was to present all the breeds of pedigree cat to the public and also educate the general population in responsible cat ownership. Held at the Winnellie Showgrounds, there were stalls, displays, and talks on cat care by local veterinarians, breeders, the RSPCA and sponsors.


Also in June the first Ragdoll a Seal Point was registered, he was:
RAGADA SHADOW DANCER registered on 1/6/1994 with Registration Number 5247/13Rd.
He was born on 29/9/1995 in Tasmania, bred by Rose Osborne and Dot Graham and owned by Wayne and Wendy Clarke.


1996 and there is a big celebration at the Diamond Beach Casino official Royal Show dinner where F.I.Fe President Mrs Alva Uddin from Sweden presents judges Liz Andresen (Ryan) (All Shorthair) and Rikki Proudlove (Schuller) (Siamese/Oriental/Balinese/Javanese) with their diplomas. Rikki had to wait until she was 21 before being empanelled as a judge, although she started her training when she was 18 years. The Show was a 3-ring show, Alva officiating in Ring 1, Margaret Bush from Western Australia in Ring 2 and Liz, Rikki and Sandi Gemmell in Ring 3.


A Bengal is entered for the first time in the Territory in the April Show, but is not seen on the bench until July. This is a rare breed all over Australia and was owned by Sue Hatcher. In 1996 Richard Corbett became President and Muriel O'Connell Minute Secretary with Sherrida Edgecombe taking over as Editor. Committee members included Mrs Corinne Watts. Subsequently, Sherrida and Eric move to Nhulunbuy and Sherrida edits the Newsletter from there. Cat of the Year was again GT.GD.CH. MARTES HIGH ROLLER, with Lee Oliver's KOKADJO cattery taking out the honours for Breeder of the Year. The presentations were made at an alfresco dinner under the stars at Pee Wee Camp at East Point and catered by Australian Gourmet Wild Foods. Richard Corbett continues his presidency in 1997 with Mark Watts and Julie Schuller as Vice. Treasurer is Corinne Watts and Diane Page takes over as Editor. Committee members include Mandy Corkill and Lyn Smith.BLAUMEISE TARQUIN, a chocolate tabby Oriental does well, gaining Supreme at the February Show and in 1 ring at the ACF National in Perth. Ocicat appear on the bench at the Show in April the first one registered in the Northern Territory is:

OSCISPOT THE LEOPARD born on 7/12/1995 a male with Registration Number 9135sire: USA Gd.Ch. Echoes of Major Runs With Thunder dam: USA Ch. Aldrin Ice Dancer Owned by John and Sue Mitchell and bred by J. & E. Frittums in South Australia, this cat was registered in December 1997.


Wendy York is back on the cat scene breeding once again after a gap of some years. Unfortunately by 1997, Tennant Creek had ceased operations and Alice Springs had wound down to one show per year.


Central Australian Cat Club held an open style Show, the first for many years. The Show was deemed a success with many of the visitors staying to watch the judging. Judge for this Show was Mrs Keryn Rivett (All Breeds Vic) who gave a very in depth and informative talk on each breed.


Simone Griffiths was doing well in Alice and Darwin as well as interstate with her desexed Cornish Rex boy GT. GD. PN IZABE MIDNIGHT MAX. Elaine Vincent has taken over the mammoth task of making Show Rosettes from Leona Truman. Diane Page completes her judge's training and in empanelled as a junior Group III judge. The second Cat Expo is held in August at The Wharf Precinct and is very well attended by tourists as well as locals and created a lot of interest. Cat of the Year is Richard Corbett and Muriel O'Connell's GD. CH. KOKHAN SEASPRITE AURORE a red Burmese boy and they also took out Breeder of the Year with their KOKHAN cattery.


This year had a very inauspicious start with devastating floods in Katherine which reeked almost as much havoc as its predecessor 23 years before Cyclone Tracey, did in Darwin. Cats and cat fanciers such as Ragdoll breeder Donna Schubert are shattered on 26 January 1998 when waters peaked above the 100-year flood level and inundated their homes. President for the Thirtieth Anniversary year is Elaine Vincent with Vice Presidents Louis Bretherton and Julie Schuller. Secretary is Diane Page with Haidee Lowe as Treasurer. Editor is Dianne Tennyenhuis and Sub Editor Ross Page. Muriel O'Connell continues as Prefix Recorder and Committee Members include Sue Mitchell, Jennie Cordingly, Jacinta Page and Fleur Schuller. Scott Andresen in Alice Springs applies to do the judges course and has his first training assignment at the Show Society Show in Alice with Margo't Maddicks judging and Haidee Lowe supervising the assignment. ACF NAT. CH. SILVER GT. GD. CH. BELLAMI HONEY RIPPLE a cream and white Cornish Rex owned by Julie Schuller is promoted to Gold status. Cat of the Year is Elaine Vincent's imported Korat boy CH. KOORAHK BINKYS BOY (Imp. U.K.) and Richard Corbett and Muriel O'Connell gained Breeder of the Year with their KOKHAN prefix.


Life Memberships of the CANT are bestowed on Elaine Vincent and Dr. Leigh Truelove our honorary veterinarian. Research by: Haidee Lowe Lee Oliver Julie Schuller Sandi Gemmell Compiled by Julian R. Schuller September 1998.


1999 sees the Central Australian Cat Club hold its first two ring Show with well-known local judges Haidee Lowe and Julie Schuller officiating. The Show is held over 2 days with Julie judging ring 1 on the Friday and Haidee judging ring 2 on the Saturday. Supreme Exhibit in ring 1 is GT GD PN IZABE MIDNIGHT MAX a lovely Black Cornish Rex owned by Simone Griffiths and bred by Libby Thompson of Alice Springs. Supreme Exhibit for ring 2 is a lovely Scottish Fold Kitten KATZEARS MORAG bred and owned by Ken Hibbert and Fiona Blackley.




This show was the culmination of three years hard work fund raising, planning and hard work by the small Northern Territory Cat Fancy. Star of the show was Sabre the tiger from Crocodylus Park the substitute mascot of the Tiger Battalion 5th  Batallion Royal Australian Regiment stationed in Darwin. Formally named Quintus Septimus Sabre he was the third tiger mascot for the Battalion and lived at Crocodylus Park. He died in September 2010 at 17 years old.


 (Judges include Israeli judge Olga Abramova who lived in Russia. Unfortunately she was badly bitten by an Abyssinian and had to go to hospital, Ian Rivette took over her assignment. Rikki Proudlove a CANT(Inc.) Judge now living in England Judged Group II Exhibits. Best in Show was ACF AoE pdgc Katzrus Kuta Kinda a black Persian Neuter All functions were held at the Casino and MGM Grand sponsored the event together with Europa Cars, Whiskers Cat Food (Uncle Bens) and Croccodylis Park who hosted a Breakfast with the Big Cats for interested members of the Cat Fancy.


Cat of the Year 2012 Taiendi Klara  K.J. & S.L. Gemmell and Taiendi Cattery won Breeder of the Year with Richard Corbett receiving The Presidents Award




The Annual General Meeting is now held in March. This year the Office Brearers are President: Heather Havens Vice President: Richard Corbett Treasurer: Lee Oliver Registrar: Sandi Gemmell Prefix Recorder:Liz Andresen (Alice Springs) Editor: Julie Schüller (Brisbane) Chief Steward: Haidee Lowe Committee Scoot Andresen Rebecca Harris.


Scoot Andresen has now passed Group I Examination and Judges Group I at the March 2013 Show. 


The year is spent on many Fund Raising projects including sausage sizzles at Bunnings and Harvey Norman, the Pet Expo and Christmas for Kids. 4 shows are held,The Royal in July is judges by Sue Game of FCCWA, the March, May and September Shows are all 2 ring shows. The September show celebrates CANT’s 45 years with a sapphire theme.


Trophies for 2 Supreme Exhibits sponsored by Cameo Gifts and Homewares Darwin and Julian R Schuller.

45 Anniversary cake made and donated by President Heather Haven’s daughter.


Judges were Judith Lewis QFA and Nick Tricarico GCCF Vic. Supreme in Ring I was Bi-colour Ragdoll PN AMBERGLADE SHARTIN  owned by Nicky Blenkinship and in Ring II lilac Ozicat OZSPOTS BARTON owned by Michelle Auld. An outstanding array of blue and silver rosettes and ribbons were presented to the other winners in each ring.  


Cat of the Year for 2013 was ACF AOE Gold GT. GD. CH Brithaven Elijah Blue Ble British Shorthair male owned by Heather Havens and Breeder of the Year was Brithaven, Heather Havens. Lee Oliver won the Presiden’s award.


2014 ushered in a new committee with President Heather Havens, Vice President Richard Corbet, Secretary Julie Schuller, Treasurer Lee Oliver and Registrar Sandi Gemmell. We heard of the retirement from active participation in the CANT by Haidee Lowe after 46 years. At the March Show Scoot Andresen completed the requisite assignments in Group I to become an All Breeds Judge. A concerted effort was mounted to bring the website up to scratch as a functioning asset of the CANT.


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