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Our Judges

Julian R Schuller
Licenced: 1, 2, 3

Julie CANT Judge

I joined the cat fancy in 1964 in Western Australia using the prefix ’’Blaumeise’’, I have bred Siamese/Oriental, Burmese & Cornish Rex. I was a pioneered of the Havana in Australia. My cats have won many awards including an ACF National Show Shorthair BIS in 1979.

I was granted my first judging license in 1972 under CANT(Inc.) and have achieved the status of Tutor judge as well as being an international and FIFe judge. I have judged extensively in Australasia and Europe. I moved to England in 2006 and live there until 2010. In that period I undertook many judges assignments in Europe and Russia and attended many shows and seminars. I have continued to judge in Australia, South Africa, Europe and England since returning to Australia in 2010.

Cat Fancy interests include cat genetics and health and welfare issues. I was a resident of Queensland until 2014, and listed on the QFA panel. In February 2014 I returned to the Northern Territory and rejoined the CANT (Inc.) Judges Panel. I keep abreast of new ideas in the Cat Fancy by editing the CANT (Inc.) magazine, ’’Mews of the Northern Territory’’. I am currently the CANT (Inc.) Secretary.

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