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Membership with the Cat Association of the NT offers a unique opportunity for individuals seeking a professional and enriching involvement within the world of feline care. Whether you are an experienced cat enthusiast, an aspiring pedigree cat breeder, or simply someone deeply intrigued by these remarkable creatures, our association provides a myriad of benefits tailored to meet your needs.


By joining our esteemed community, you will have the chance to network with like-minded individuals who share your unwavering passion for cats. For those interested in elevating their involvement, we offer exclusive access to cat shows, enabling you to exhibit your cat's exceptional qualities. Registered pedigree cat breeders receive esteemed recognition and comprehensive support from our distinguished members. Moreover, our members enjoy practical advantages, including discounts on show entry fees, receipt of a quarterly newsletter (with the option of a hard copy delivered to your doorstep), participation in engaging social events alongside fellow cat enthusiasts and esteemed cat judges, as well as direct access to seasoned cat breeders and owners for expert advice. Additionally, our association provides invaluable education on cat health and welfare, ensuring members stay well-informed in this dynamic field. We also offer a streamlined registration service for pedigree cat breeders.


Join us today to further your professional journey within the Cat Association of the NT and enhance your standing within the world of feline care.

Become a Member


Membership | Single – per annum                                                                $30.00

Membership | Family – per annum                                                               $40.00

Membership | Junior (does not include magazine)                                   $10.00

Membership | Pensioner – Single(with card)                                              $19.00

Membership | Pensioner – Family (with card)                                            $25.00

Membership | Associate Membership                                                          $17.00

Life Membership | Single (with magazine)                                                  $13.00

Life Membership | Family (One person holds Life Membership)             $25.0


  • All memberships fall due on the 1st February each year.

  • These rates will be adjusted on a pro-rata basis of $3.00 per month.

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